There are many ideas that could fall under tonight’s title. My love of PEI entices me to discuss the impact it has on me. Having the privilege of living on that small province for a good part of the year has taught me the importance of protecting the resources of that magical place. Remembering how to sort using a different system than that in Montreal for sorting trash, recyclables, organic and paper or bottles takes time. But the effort is important when dump space is so limited. It is surely an easy price to pay to contribute to the solution.

Il y a également toutes les discussions sur la forêt, l’eau potable et les terres agricoles et l’approche organique au Marché à Cardigan ou avec les voisins ou dans les médias. La nature est sous nos nez et l’impact de l’abus est visible. On ressente une responsabilité, un besoin d’agir et de s’impliquer, qui est peut-être plus criant que lors qu’on habite une métropole. C’est peut-être plus faisable étant plus locale.

I confess to not being a fanatic conservationist. I wish I could claim to be a role model…perhaps I am a work in progress. One way I chose to express conservation is supporting the Island Nature Trust. Their annual dinner and auction will take place before I return. But I will send on ahead, one of my watercolours, for the auction.

C’est vrai que je connais peu de L’Island Nature Trust. Leurs objectifs me semble importants à appuyer. Donc j’envoie cette aquarelle qui parle de la saison de feuilles qui tombent dans un petit boisé mixte.

The inspiration for the painting was a love of trees and the sadness I feel as the leaves fall, baring the branches. The smell of fall cannot be reproduced nor the sound of the crunch underfoot. However in that scene is the hope that the winter will be a passing season and the trust that the buds will reappear in the spring. Here’s hoping all the snow will soon be gone and the buds begin to swell!


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