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When you have the honour of participating in a significant art expo event which will showcase 65 jury-picked Québec artists, you work to get ready! OK, I was not selected among the 65, but my daughter-in-law was. She is a lady of many talents and aptitudes with a serious respect for family and elders. So, while this is a YES (youth employment services) event, she reached out to make her booth an intergenerational and multi-art exhibit.

Je ne voudrais pas tout annoncer avant l’évènement, mais notons que Laurraine est une artiste peinte (acryliques et huiles en portraiture surdimensionné) et elle est un poète. Ces valeurs d’éqalité et de partage des biens de cette terre avec tous les habitants se manifestent aussi dans le respect pour la famille et les ainés.

So this is NOT a multi-generational exhibit. Interlacing competencies and complementary creativity braid works that are intergenerational. YES , there will be a place for individual works of art, but also you will find watercolours with the sprinkling of words taken from her poetry. Some of the paintings of Tony Shorgan, her husband’s 93 year old grand-dad and a graduate of l’École des Beaux Arts, will feature words to enhance his brushstrokes. Some painted by Noëlla, his daughter and her mother-in -law were created in response to Laurraine reading one of her poems. And then, pièce de resistance, Laurraine’s series-The Game Changers.

IMG_5705 (2)

L’effet est passionant – d’observer comment les paroles augmentent les subtilés des images et vice versa..

Although the artists birth years span 1921 to 1984, from the Great Depression to Women’s Liberation to Reunification of Germany and the multiple coups and revolutions, the ability to speak of love and loss, of passion and joy and other topics all came easily.

On aimerait bien pourvoir vous rencontrer vendredi le 20 mars ou samedi le 20. Hope you will drop by March 20-21!

IMG_5710 (3)


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