Dreaming / Rêves

It was -38 with the wind and snow covered the streets, when the email arrived. I was transported 1200 km or more to a distant shore. The invitation appeared innocuous at first: a 5 day watercolour symposium in Nova Scotia.

Immédiatement la possibilité de participer à un symposium d’aquarelle cet automne a commencé à danser dans mon imagination. Un site près de la mer sur la baie de Fundy dans un coin de la Nouvelle Écosse qui m’est inconnue contribue à des images attirantes comme lieu d’apprentissage.

What is retirement for, if not to develop one’s mind, expose oneself to new challenges, explore new places and meet new people? The only grounding element in the scenario is whether my skill with watercolours is up to the grade for 5 full days of instruction from top-notch Canadian watercolourists and teachers.

J’ignore le coût. On est encore au stade des rêves! Quoiqu’une semaine à Cuba sera bien appréciée cet hiver, une semaine d’instruction et d’échange avec d’autres artistes sera un investissement à long-terme.

As I contemplate my options and total up the costs, I realize that a trip South is not as exciting as this Annapolis Basin Watercolour Symposium presented by the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour Sept 28- Oct 3rd. Imagine, I am saying that in the middle of a frigid winter! Whether I attend or not, tonight my mind wanders, no flutters, to the coast of Nova Scotia and the taste of the salt mists as instructors dangle new morsels of knowledge and skill to whet my appetite. It is a lovely way to head to bed.

Thanks Poppy Balser for the email!


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