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I now have a creative space of my own in downtown Montreal. Truly, I feel as if I have arrived!

Laurraine GMP , my daughter-in-law, generously extended the invitation to join her and some other young talents. Laurraine is preparing for a major show, Oui Art to be held at the St James theatre in March.

Mais des tableaux ne forment qu’une partie de ce qu’elle va offrir du 18-20 mars au théâtre St Jacques. En plus elle met sur pied une companie et poursuit l’enseignement du yoga à ses proches.

There is such strongly positive energy in our studio. Watercolours are easier to effect when materials are at hand and do not require to be put away each day. In addition I have wall space for displaying my works. This is truly affirming.

Sans les juger, j’ai affiché un grand nombre de mes aquarelles sur les murs du studio. Deux personnes ont déjà acheté!

Receiving 2 commissions that first day that I set up certainly encourages me to plow on….and fortunately in Montreal the snow plows have been more idle than in my second home, PEI.


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