A second glance at spontaneity/ Reprise

These musings from February 2014 were the most often viewed by you this year. Comme ceci a été le plus lu l’an dernier, je vous l’offre de nouveau.
I come to New Years’ Eve ever more conscious of the need to side step cognitive decay through spontaneity and variety. Je viens de revoir mon type sur les échelles Myers Briggs et mon type adore le changement, la variété et les défis. No wonder my words ring true to me. Bonne Année. Happy New Year my virtual friends!


watercolour 002I regret my enthusiasm posting last night included the wrong photo. Here is my framed  watercolour   of autumn and a winter scene.

Sometimes a creative urge gets side-tracked by water. It happens often with watercolours, as the use of water can impact unpredictably on the paper, sending pigment in unplanned corners. Not all results are acceptable. Not all would appreciate the outcome. But that is the pleasure of creative pursuits, they give the artist pleasure and hopefully others as well.

These little water scenes appeal to me. One reason is the mind set during its production. It was loose and free wielding. When I see them, those emotions come back to me. The colours appeal to me as well.

Parfois les meilleurs résultats viennent d’évènements imprévus. Que ça soit l’impact de l’eau dans une aquarelle qui se dirige vers un coin presque sans permission ou que l’eau soit trop abondante…

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