First snowfall of December


It happens every year- the first snowfall. And just as surely, I get excited! Another observation is the hype produced by the various weather people…with estimates varying widely from 10-25 cm. It will be interesting how much IS on the ground within 24 hours.

Il est incontestable qu’on aura de la neige à Montréal. Lors de la première tempête, il y en a toujours des voitures sans pneus d’hiver. Donc on peut s’attendre à des accidents.

Being retired means having the luxury of not going out in the craziness of the rush hour with snow covered streets. But it also means one can contemplate the beauty and stillness of the scene, and feel the softness of snowflakes on one’s checks when one does choose to venture out for a stroll.

En ce moment, ce n’est que la tranquilité qui nous frappe. Les lumières de noël font briller le paysage. Cet image me fait penser à des souvenirs de villages québeçois de ma jeunesse.

Memories of past winters combined to construct a painting of this fictional spot with snow banking the buildings. And in evenings like this, we would be playing cards, cinq cents. But these days it is to other entertainment we turn. It is competitive and it is our nation’s sport.

Bravo aux canadiens qui ont emporté ce soir, 3-1, …tout un homage à notre Jean Béliveau!

IMG_5055 (2)


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