Je quitte / Leaving

IMG_4949 (2)Challenging oneself must rank with the recommended strategies to maintain cognitive health. Using neural pathways that are underutilized must strengthen these connections and help to keep the brain exercised.

Dans l’optique de me donner un défi, aujourd’hui j’ai peint un personnage. Je suis attirée par les paysages surtout de la mer et d’île Prince Édouard. Mais cet après-midi, une photo d’une jeune Mexicaine est venue me chercher. L’artiste Burt Procter, (1901- 1980), m’a inspiré mais  à la fin la femme que j’ai rendue en aquarelle était plus d’âge mûr que la sienne.

It is amazing how subconsciously we insert our reality into a painting. The young lady has some white hair and a heavier frame than the one used as a model. For me this person is leaving the town behind. She carries nothing. Her face is pensive as if in contemplation. She does not seem to question her choice to walk away from where she had been.

La retraite est un peu comme tout ça. On quitte l’endroit connu avec toute son activité. C’est un choix d’âge mûr. C’est une progression vers l’avenir, un avenir inconnu. C’est réfléchi. Certes la sérénité peut-être bouleversée.

Retirement usually implies leaving behind a past of busy activity and many people and preoccupations. As our cloaked lady portrays, what is required is not hefty luggage but self-assurance nourished by the memories of years past. With the confidence of who we are, we walk out to face the new realities of life, knowing that within us we possess all the tools required.      At least, I hope so!


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