Fin de saison / Fishing’s done

IMG_4927Quand on arrive au mois d’octobre, on doit admettre que l’été est fini. La baignade, la pêche , la lecture au bord de l’eau sont des activités à ne reprendre qu’en mai ou juin. La mère nature nous console cependant avec des couleurs et senteurs évoquant des bons souvenirs et la promèse de nouvelles choses à vivre.

Nature consoles us as we turn the page on Summer 2014. Yes the days are over for swimming in the ocean or lakes or rivers (even for me!) for outdoor dining and reading and the many outdoor summer sports. But we are enveloped in sights and smells that are typical for Autumn. These remind us of past Thanksgivings and the promise of this year’s. Being intertwined with the holiday, the colours of the leaves and the sounds of them underfoot serve to remind us of all that we are thankful for. Sight, hearing and all the senses, insights and intuition and instincts could be up there.

Aujourd’hui j’avais en tête de peindre une image d’automne avec un bateau de IPE mais voici le résultat. Un endroît plus près de Montréal.

This began in my head as an image of a Cape Breton fishing boat covered with autumn leaves….how my imagination travelled. I instinctively returned to spots where I have spent many Thanksgivings. May you find yourself in a pleasant spot this weekend!


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