New Moon- Changements

The beginning of the week saw me gazing over the fields at the new moon and the setting sun. Fall is in the air. The sunset is early, at 7:15 or so. There is a nip to the outside, once the sun lowers. No frost has touched the plants, but there are fewer mosquitoes!  Dips in the ocean are heroic occasions. Winds batter the cottage almost constantly.
Les jours sont plus courts, les soirées plus frais. Les visiteurs saisonniers et les touristes se font de plus en plus rares. C’est la première nouvelle lune de l’automne. Des idées de changements me sont plein le cerveau.
Being bi-locational means leaving one home for another at one point.Departures are complex and work intensive. This year the pull to return has come a bit early. My dad is now a widower since July and I feel a need to be with him for Thanksgiving.
C’est du travail de fermer une maison et préparer les valises pour le déplacement vers la ville. Ça me prend du temps pour faire la transition mentale aussi. Je vais m’ennuyer de mon petit coin de paradis.

In spite of missing the birds, and peace of my oasis, I am eager to return to my other life in the city with its noise and action, friends and family. I leave with a large watercolour portfolio and many hundreds of pictures of my beloved Island. It was a full and enjoyable time in Launching. Who knows, perhaps a winter get-away will be in the cards this year.



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