Found- in Kings Co-Indications faciles

IMG_4763Anyone who tries to find de Gros Marsh or my hideaway in Launching realizes that the road signage is confusing, to say the least. When you get to the intersection of Launching road and Launching road, you might decide that you are lost. Have no fear! We are here!

Donner des directions pour se rendre à mon chalet pose des difficultés. Le chemin que je prends ne figure pas sur les affiches, mais c’est la route directe. Passant par la 311 on arrive à une intersection, oui à 90 degrés, portant tous les deux le nom Launching.

Today it hit me that a solution was at hand. If there is an orchard that is easy to find, and varieties of apples that are clearly marked, it is at MacPhee’s Orchard. Each row has a number and the type of apple variety is clearly indicated. As a further support, he hands out a sheet which indicates which type is ready to pick and the characteristics of the apple as well as its uses.


Oui, finalement, les pommes sont prêtes à cueillir. Mais attention, cette semaine il n’y a que les Gingergold, Sunrise et Tydeman’s Red qui sont matures. En tout Ricky a 19 variétés pour nous tenter entre septembre et la fin octobre.

The apples are terrific. But beyond his skill in agriculture (pommiculture) Ricky is a wizard at directions and indications. I nominate R. MacPhee to redo the signage to Launching! Fewer of our guests might arrive with their knickers in knots!

Mais, attention, il y en a qui aime bien que les visiteurs ne réussissent pas à découvrir notre coin tranquille! But by and large, the retirees enjoying the idyllic surroundings will be welcoming.


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