Maybe not today / Peut-être plus tard


Mother Nature spent the day being menopausal. Shifting weather patterns within the same hour saw us go from threatening skies to sun to wind to rainbows to hail to sun showers to blue skies and was repeated throughout the day. The temperature was very cold. It felt like 6 when the sun was out. In late afternoon I ventured down to the bay.

La marche était sous un ciel prometteur, mais avec des vents importants. La précipitation semblait être terminée. La baie avait peu de vent. En arrivant, j’ai vu 2 aigles au-dessus de ma tête. Rendue au bord de la mer, il y avait de la vague, non-énorme.

The waves lapping on the shore were not disturbing the shore birds who were sitting with wings tucked in for warmth. The tide was on its way in, but many shells were still visible. Earlier in the day, I was toying with the thought of leaving for the year. How could I abandon paradise so early? I have put off the decision for another day. And like the shore birds with some  flying off while others stay firmly on the bar, I will continue to waffle for a while.

La décision de retourner à la ville peut attendre encore. Les moments de tranquillité et solitude sont à savourer encore quelque temps. L’été a encore quelques heures à vivre.IMG_4751


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