Annandale, PEI


In addition to many photos, the day I visited Annandale, I left with many other memories…the people, the seascape and the exciting arrival of the first tuna of the year. Perhaps it explains the  passion to paint scenes from that harbour.

Du petit port sort beaucoup de souvenirs et de peintures. L’emplacement des bateaux et la mer, la péninsule qui part de Launching et qui se rend presqu’à Annandale augmentent l’attrait. Ma saison à l’île prendra fin sous peu. J’en profite pour capter des moments pour l’hiver.

Winter’s quarters will soon beckon. As the snow glistens on Montreal, I will have these watercolour souvenirs of Summer 2014. Some will be for sale, but a few will be hard to let go. Particularly those painted en Plein Air, such as these from Annandale to Murray River, in Kings County , PEI.



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