Treking with Rusty Biologists/ Aventure avec naturalistes

Today two slightly rusted biologists led us on a discovery outing. We were a motley crew including 3 dogs. Heading out towards Boughton Island, we were almost immediately stopped. Our guides drew our attention to the numerous grasses, plants and flowers that grace the seashore. An incredible variety greeted our eyes, when we took the time to observe them.

Il y avait des herbes de différentes colleurs, formes et tailles. Certains portent le même nom que les fleurs dans nos jardins—dusty miller—en est une. Je n’ai pas retenu tous les noms, mais je suis convaincu que je vais les remarquer dorénavant.

The shorebirds are abundant on the sandbar in Launching. Interspersed with gulls and terns are the plover. The piping plover is a threatened species, a fact that is not the least surprising to one biologist, given its lifestyle and habits. To be honest, even with binoculars, I had trouble identifying many of the birds, even with the precise instructions we were given. The dogs had no problem. They did not hesitate to check for white breasts or yellow or green legs, they merely charged. Birders can make those little guys fly!

Depuis mon jeune âge, je fréquente cet endroit. Depuis 2 ans, à la marée basse l’île n’est qu’une péninsule. Aucun accès par bateau n’est possible. Comme les choses ont changé. Cet endroit était le port de Launching en 1950. Le sable continue à remplir la baie. Les coquillages sont très différentes d’un côté à l’autre, dû à l’environement prèsque sterile du côté de la mer.

Mother Nature is relentless. Boughton Island is one in name only at low tide this year. The mainland is now completely connected by a sand bar. And today, for the first time, I walked over to the bay side of the bar and gazed on the farm where my mom grew up. I could understand how the people who used to live on the island would socialize with her family, crossing the ice-covered bay in winter. I also discovered  masses of shells on that side. Because of the stagnant waters, there are more nutrients on this side. Thus more variety and many more shells.

Pendant 3 heures on a marché, on s’est penché pour examiner, on a observé, on a écouté l’information que Judi et Dave partageaient et on a été émerveillé par la nature. Quelle chance d’avoir été invité à participer!IMG_4553 IMG_4545guidance of only slightly rusted biologists is not an everyday experience. It was marvellous. Generosity blossoms down here in PEI. And its partner, gratitude, follows closely. Thanks Forrest for your antics and to your parents for inviting me!


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