Fêtons le travail/ Celebrate workers

La fête du travail est un point pivot de l’année. Les vacances d’été sont finies pour la plupart. Les pensées sont axées vers la reprise de la vie habituelle. Quelle direction va-t-on choisir, nous les retraités?

As the spot light is on work this holiday Monday, are you feeling on the sidelines? Are you happy to revel in the idea that tomorrow will still see you retired? Are you still defining yourself as one not employed, underemployed or in dire financial straits?

La retraite est-elle un temps idyllique de voiliers où un vaste champ de blé ou avoine qui est à récolter? Somehow I sit on the fence or perhaps I am wading in the water. Joyfully catching the breeze and freedom of the sails but conscious that there is still a harvest waiting for me to gather.

Retirement remains a time of choices and new directions. It is stimulating and challenging. And as for all, labour day reminds me that my retirement is a privilege earned by decades of dedicated professional work, built on education. However, it is sad to reflect that many can enjoy having  these lovely years .

Je suis reconnaissante d’avoir eu la chance d’une éducation qui m’a permis d’obtenir un emploi  satisfaisant avec valeur. Nos conditions de travail ont été garanties et respectées. La retraite est l’étape qui me laisse choisir mon chemin et destin, pendant que ma santé est bonne.

So, happy September to all. Today my choice was neither a sail nor harvesting, but a long swim in the chilly Atlantic with a friend and a long chat on her deck.



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