The setting of summer suns/ les couchers du soleil de la fin d’été

IMG_4353 IMG_4363

Why is it that each time the end of August arrives, we are amazed that the days are getting shorter, the nights cooler and the ocean no longer really warm? Perhaps we recognize and name these changes to acknowledge that time is passing. In Retirement, time is a commodity that is more generously bestowed. Watches that keep us aware of hours and minutes can be discarded. But when summer begins to slip towards fall, we all notice.

Le dénouement de l’été arrive à petit pas. La première évidence est l’heure du coucher du soleil. En ce moment (le 24 aôut) le soleil se couche à 20h20 au lieu de 21h 30.

Shortening days with the sun tracking further to the south mean that light and shadows are in different places now. Another big hint of things to come are the birds- they are flocking and starting to practice flight patterns for their trek South.

Avez-vous des habitudes quand ces changements débutent? Je commence à penser au retour à la grande ville, aux projets pour l’hiver et j’ai un énorme désire d’acheter des crayons pour l’école.

Amazing that the return to school still echoes in my shopping…how I crave some new pencils and pens! I finished graduate school in 1997. Time to modify my habit!

Habits and instincts certainly are a feature of September….for the migrating birds and for people. Certainly it is a time for new pursuits, combined with sharing the stories of the lovely time we had this summer. Like New Years, perhaps now is a time for resolutions. To be grateful for each ocean dip, for each gathering of family and friends, for the excitement of seeing the leaves begin to take on their multi-coloured cloaks, the satisfaction of cutting the lawn and smelling the result of a job well done…the joy of using a shovel to turn earth in the flower beds, a few more times.


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