Aquarelles inspirés de IPE/ PEI themes in watercolour

IMG_4091There are many picturesque corners that merit painting on PEI. But sometimes it is the forgotten ones, the ones taken for granted that yield an interesting view.

En Plein Air, il faut travailler rapidement pour capter les effets avant le changement de soleil/nugages ajustent les ombrages.

Live rendering means rapid capturing of a mood, of the principle focus. It takes time to develop. And repeated attempts in very different environments must hold the key.

Alors, soyez patients avec moi ce soir. Je vous présente une collection avec des themes d’ici.

Locales vary from Launching to Cardigan to Murray  Harbour to Montague to Pamure Is. Fleeting glimpses of PEI.


IMG_4129IMG_4162 (2)IMG_4163


MG_4162 (2)IMG_4108  


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