Hammocks/ la siesta

IMG_4151Quick think of retirement. What comes to mind? Did you say napping at will? Although there are so many other aspects of retirement to explore, the spontaneous nap has a distinct place.

De pouvoir dormir sans souci d’être observé par un collègue de travail, ça c’est parmi les joies de la retraite. De se donner la permission de trouver son propre rythme de vie,  de réveil  et de coucher constituent une liberté totale.

Naps are a personal delight. These energy boosters can be only 10-15 minutes or over an hour. At this time of the year, in this locale, the most delicious of naps occur in my hammock, strung between two birch trees with the oat field to my right and the view of the water in front. Today we had our first showers and thunderstorms in weeks so the bay is misty in the picture.

S’abandonner à la rondeur de mon hamac avec un filet anti-mouche pour couvrir l’ouverture, je prends mon livre et graduellement mes yeux se ferment. Finir le chapitre, finir la page… non, fermer le livre et les yeux et se laisser emporter.

Ceding into the enveloping material of the hammock, allows the body to relax. The netting keeps the bugs at bay. Forget reading several chapters, as drifting to sleep seems the course. At high tides or very active surf conditions, the sound of waves crashing on the bar is heard. No sounds of people nor mechanical devices interrupt this nap.  It is quiet here, the wind blows gently in the oat field, the many birds chirp and otherwise only silence today. What joy!


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