Lobster Antidote d’homard

Not a doubt in my mind, I am blessed. The antidote to the very tardy arrival of warm spring weather was found! Around 11am, when the mercury had soared from 3C  (at 8 am) to 7C ,  I made my way to Launching harbour.

mixed 812

Au quai, mon cousin se préparait à quitter après 6 heures de pêche. Ses homards étaient déjà vendus au commerçant et son bateau était impeccable. La photo de son bateau date de 2 ans…une belle journée de début de saison. Aujourd’hui les nuages et la pluie nous ont accompagnés.IMG_3400          IMG_3398 (2)      IMG_3405

Les homards dans le seau / In bucket                    Les homards au feu/In boiling water

In true Maritime generosity, my cousin went to the processor to ask for a few canners to be replaced when he goes out tomorrow. We reviewed the best method of cooking….1/4 cup salt to pot of roaring, boiling water. Once the lobster is in and the water reaches a rapid boil, 20 mins of cooking is all that is required. (Melted butter and garlic to taste- beverage as desired)

IMG_3403 (3)   9 month old’s curiosity.     Les chatons s’amusent rtout! Il fallait les séparer, les pinces peuvent blaiser!

Après 2 semaines de température décevante, quel joie de déguster ce bijou de la mer… Un seul suffisait pour nettement améliorer les esprits.

Carefully dissecting the crustacean and slowly dipping each morsel into warm, melted garlic butter extends the enjoyment of the meal. I suppose how you proceed is a matter of choice. I begin with the body, the swimmerets, the claws and then the ruffle at the base of the tail and finally the tail…..ah, who cares about the weather now!              IMG_3414



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