Adaptability and FÉLIX et les adaptations

FÉLIX is now a 9 month old kitten. What a trouper! He went into his carrying cage without a peep and rode 1300km to Charlottetown with no requests to stop at McDonalds nor any park to play. Score 1/1 in adaptability.  

Arriving in Charlottetown, we were spoiled by my cousin’s supper of salads including lobster. We let our arms be twisted to watch the Bruins / Canadiens game. The weather had turned to rain mixed with snow, and the offer of a bed was gratefully accepted. FÉLIX was a model guest, no interfering with the other cat’s toys nor food nor space. Score 2/2 in adaptation skills!

Les chatons aiment bouger et choisir quand être tranquille. FÉLIX a accepté de se faire encabaner pendant plus de 12 heures dans sa cage de transport. Il n’a pas passé tout son temps à dormir. Il regardait entre les sièges d’avant et écoutait la musique. Il m’a pas demandé si on était bientôt arrivé ni de changer le poste. FÉLIX n’a pas passé de commentaires sur ma conduite. Score 3/3 en épreuves de bon passager.

Enfin le trajet nous a amené au nid de Noëlla. Quelles découvertes! Plusieurs pièces supplémentaires au condo.  Des fenêtres dans toutes les directions avec des vues jamais vu au paravent.

FÉLIX would love to be an outdoor cat here. So many new things to see and do outside. He consoles himself to finding hiding places to make me wonder if he slipped by me to the great outdoors. His first 3 days were spent mainly sleeping and eating very little, only wet food. Was your tummy upset or were you reeling from the cessation of movement? Kittens don’t have an extended vocabulary. He jumped up to the highest perches and let time settle things down. He now comes to join me in various rooms, purrs and rubs up to be petted. He is eating regularly. Score 4/4 for self-healing.

Une dernière adaptation est à venir. Il est très matinal. Dès le début de clarté le matin, il vient me rejoindre à ma chambre. Pendant 5 jours, il m’a réveillé à 5h30, si pas plus tôt. Désolé FÉLIX 0/5 pour le réveil matin mal-programmé!

A time zone change, early, bright sunrises and a drastic change of pace all contribute to disorientation for the human and the cat. But what marvelous difficulties to have to surmount. Truly a room with a view from Noëlla’s Nest this Victoria Day weekend.



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