Undo and reset/reprendre


Mother Nature is undoing, unravelling the ravages of WINTER. It seems like the timing is perfect. We have had enough. After four days above freezing, the snow has dramatically begun to recede. On Monday there were 2 adorable snowmen on the front lawn that 2 youngsters had carefully created. By Tuesday morning the head snow ball had toppled. Today there is no trace of the 3 foot sculptures. After a winter of intense cold and perfect outdoor skating rinks, the local hockey rink has only patches of snow. The boards will be down in a week. Alpine ski season is giving way to sugar shacks.

La saison de neige en ville prend fin, heureusement. Les enfants ont pu profiter cet hiver pour patiner, faire des bonhommes de neige et glisser en ville. Certes, le ski alpin continue dans le nord et l’estrie, mais tous commencent à penser aux sorties sans bottes, mittaines et tuques! Les érables ont commené à produire le sirop rénommé.

In Montréal today, it was possible to walk an hour in shoes with no hats, scarves nor gloves. On the way the hardy sprouts of tulips and daylilies popped up. Nestled in snow, perennials are showing leaves of green. Nature is undoing the season of Winter, unwrapping her Spring marvels to share colour and scent with us once again.

Les pousses de tulips et autres fleurs de printemps indiquent que la Nature reprend sa forme de couleur et de senteur. Elle nous invite à sortir de nos maisons et d’interagir avec des gens qui peuvent se permettre de placotter dehors pendant plus de 30 secondes. Il y a aussi les sons qui reprennent….les oiseaux semblent plus nombreux. Et j’ai entendu les oies crier au dessus de ma tête hier. Ce reveil se produit à chaque an. Mais peut-être cette année on en a plus besoin de reprendre et renaître avec la Nature.

The sounds of the season, including the splashing of tires in puddles, of children squealing, of birds twittering, of the Canada geese honking in formation overhead, go a long way to undo the memory of this harsh winter. It is time for an emotional reset- we made it and are now heading into a new season! Let us rush out to take advantage of the natural healing that is being offered.


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