January 6th, after the winds, rains, snows and sleet of early January 2014, I saw a sign of hope. A male robin cavorted on a nearby branch outside my parents’ window. Such a delicate bird trying to figure out the weather systems of North America!  For us, the very sight of him hopping around the branches and snow was exhilarating. The lift offered by those few seconds carried forward for a good part of the day. Smiling was easier and a lightness sprung into our steps.

On ne s’attend pas à voir un oiseau du printemps se présenter à Montréal au début de janvier- surtout pas après un décembre enneigé et si froid. La réaction semble généralisée. Les sourires reviennent aux lèvres et on se sente plus légère. Le rouge gorge de printemps nous excite. Celui de janvier augmente l’espoir à presque le délire.

Call it excessive, but I sprang from this hopeful state into one of dreamy ecstasy imagining the uplifting renewal of spring. I hope that feathered friend survives the winter. His presence has made my winter ever so much easier. Winter is great, we all have to find our own signs of hope! Take the time, exploit your retirement and free time.!


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