December Magic / la magie de décembre


December 15th has come to announce the imminent arrival of Christmas. This is the season of the last minute preparations, the scurrying to buy special gifts for loved ones, the penning of best wishes in cards, the decorating of the tree and all those last minute jobs. Each year it never ceases to excite me.

Avec les années, j’ai développé un plan pour éviter les excès de la saison. Je commence avec la tâche que j’aime le moins- magasiner. Une fois que les cadeaux sont finis (d’habitude dans une journée ou 2) je me sens libérée. Je peux me laisser emporter par l’ajout de lumières de Noël devant mon condo et aller choisir l’arbre parfait. Cette année l’arbre m’attend toujours sur le balcon.

This year things are a bit different. FÉLIX the kitten needs to be considered. He seems to like Christmas music. As long as he can claw his way onto my lap every now and then as I write cards, he is fine. This weekend’s gift wrapping was the kitten’s playground par excellence. The ribbon was hauled off to many corners of the room, and the paper stripped from the cardboard rolls to facilitate pouncing. Alas, my friends, you may find small claw tears in the wrapping paper from this house!

Les senteurs de Noël vont suivre sous peu. Les anciennes recettes de ma mère seront utilisées pour faire les biscuits de Noël. Une dinde sera cuite pour la communauté.

In fact the only question mark is when to bring in the tree and how to decorate it.  With FÉLIX and his concerted exploration the tree will be well fixed to a solid bookcase and piano leg. Perhaps only some lights and the unbreakable decorations will be used. For the crib I have special Velcro to affix the figures.

Mais il y a des changements cette année. Mes parents sont encore vivants mais très diminués. Leur participation au souper du 25 dépendra de leur santé et compréhension. Ça sera la première année sans mon ami Robert. Mais tout n’est pas déprimant!

No indeed, this year around the table at Christmas we will have 2 newly married couples, including my son. What joy!

As things evolve and time erodes traditions and health becomes drained away, there is a corresponding renewal. What we had is not necessarily better than what we will have. The new is exciting and stimulating. This year I will be entertained by my kitten, FÉLIX, and my grand dogs, Honey and César the Great Danes. Each Christmas brings new hope of renewal and great joy on so many levels. But for me, first and foremost is this:

’For unto us was born a Saviour, Christ the Lord’’

Joyeux Noël / Merry Christmas


3 thoughts on “December Magic / la magie de décembre

  1. Laurraine Marcelle Gereige de Parsons

    What a beautiful entry! We look very forward to the Christmas cookies and Felix lovemarks on the presents ❤ How lucky am I with you as my mother in law :-*

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