Dry Spells Les Temps sans Paroles


There are times when writing a blog comes easily. November has not been a particularly productive month. In part technology has been working against me with computer crashes etc. A less tangible factor has been the reality of watching parents age. They each had a birthday this fall and have now attained 92 and 94.

Ça n’a pas été souvent que j’ai ajouté des paroles à mon blog en novembre. Le veillissement de mes parents et l’écart avec la réalité que ma mère démontre est un défi pour ses enfants. Voir des gens qui ont tellement donné à la société se fondre sous la faiblesse musculaire et mentale sont des images difficiles à avaler.

Tonight I chose this sailing watercolour which I recently painted. Set in early autumn there is still joy and diversion available on the water. All are busy taking advantage of the last boating days before the long dry spell of winter. While we may have hauled in the boats and winterized the cottages, we still bustle around outside trying to capture the last rays of fall sun, before the deep freeze congeals us in our steps.

Bientôt les vents d’hiver et les tombées de neige vont nous garder à l’intérieur. Il y en a qui vont jouir du ski et du patin. Mais l’hiver va réussir à amener plusieurs à un temps sans paroles, sans interaction humaine. Ceux qui marche avec difficulté, ceux qui auront la grippe ou bronchite ou laryngite vont se trouver chez eux. Quelle sera la motivation à rester optimiste?

Through the long months of winter with snow drifts, no, snow banks, piled high, with overnight lows at -40, with our nostrils sticking together when we rush outside, what keeps us going? Obvious for some of us, it is these very elements that are thrilling. Some love the decorations of Christmas. I love listening to Christmas songs and writing Christmas cards. Others dream or go South. Most fix their sights on April and the return of warmth. We have survived this before and will again. Or will we all?

Peut-être cet hiver sera le dernier pour certains, y compris des jeunes. Accidents, maladies, et le veillissement  peuvent couper court l’année 2014. Une bonne raison pour profiter de chaqu’un de nos   jours. Même si nous sommes très diminués, notre attitude peut réussir à allumer notre vie ou éteindre toute interaction humaine.

As I ramble through the themes of fall and winter and aging, the promise of spring is sustaining. I recognize that each day, my attitude will impact on me and those around me. When I am positive, it up-lifts those who come in contact with me and even keeps me happy.  I can chose pleasant memories and pictures of good times of the past and anticipate the running of the maple sap. The key to surviving the dry spell of winter is surely to embrace it, each and every day, however I can!


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