And years later….et après le temps

 DSCN4805We met at the tender age of 5 for grade one. It was one of the most anticipated days of my life, the most filled with novelty and the most frightening. I made it through that day meeting some 5-10 other girls. In fact, eleven years later, we were still together graduating from high school except for one, whose dad was transferred for work with the NHL. 

Après le secondaire, nos routes ont pris des pistes divergeantes. Le choix d’ université amenait certaines loin de la ville et pour toutes loin de l’abri de notre couvent. Les choix de professions étaient aussi varies. Vous voyez nous étions choiées d’avoir pu profiter une excellente éducation au moment que les possibilités pour les femmes commençaient à être nombreuses.

Ours was a graduating class of around 27, among our graduation class many became teachers and health professionals,  but there were also doctors, a dentist, draftsmen, financiers,  research scientists, artists, a ski instructor in South America and one project initiator for a palliative care center. I know of no politicians. At least three did not live to see our 10 year anniversary. Many married and had children and now grandchildren. None of us are priests. (did I mention it was  an all-girls school?) All had a staunch Catholic upbringing in the convent, but now many have chosen to put space between themselves and the Church. All have faced change and loss of loved ones. Many have been thrust into roles they never had anticipated. In all respects our class mirrored the general population of women of our age.

Nous sommes à la porte de notre 35ème anniversaire de graduation….non, pas déjà, pas nous les membres dynamiques de la classe  de ’69! Mais nous voilà, à la retraite où bientôt.  Après tout ce temps, on s’est  retrouvé  à un restaurant chinois pour une petite réunion. Le 13 novembre seulement 4 était disponible. Mais il y avait 4 autres d’intéressées à Toronto! La prochaine réunion se fera en mai au couvent, espérons que plusieurs autres pourriont se joindre à nous.

In spite of the distance of time spent apart, and of such varied life experiences, silence was not present at the table. We spent three hours chatting about the past, discussing current events which are of concern, exchanging photos and laughing. We had time to seek advice from dear friends whose advice is still respected. This week we were only 4 but had exchanged emails with several more. In May there will be the official get-together at the convent. How exciting it will be to re-unite with more friends from years gone by.

It was impossible on that first September day to project life years later. How good it is to have made friends for life at age 5!



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