Birthday Blooms Anniversaire en fleurs

On October 18, my dad turns 92. This year was a significant one for him. He requested placement in a long-term placement facility due to his increasing dependence.

Mon père aura 92 ans demain. Quelle longue vie de service! Sa passion majeure a toujours été la société pour les enfants handicapés. La liste des autres organisations inclue des associations de camps, l’école privé Villa Maria, le club Rotary, des organisations d’art entre autres.

One essential to his life, besides his painting in which he continues to indulge, is gardening. He only has 2 window sills to exploit in his room and they are filled with flowers and plants.

Les photos aujourd’hui sont de ses semences récoltées en automne 2012. Avec celles-ci, mon père a réussi à faire fleurir 4 endroits. Et on en a pour 2014!

Yes, with those seeds he collected last year, flowers have grown in 2 Montreal gardens and one PEI garden, but most amazingly one morning glory sprouted in the pot inside his room!

Les photos sont de mon balcon pour vous montrer la gloire du matin et le souci (marigold)

Tomorrow we are going out for lunch to celebrate all that he has contributed. His request is for steak. We are going to do our best to find it just the way he likes it. After all, not everyone gets to celebrate their 92nd birthday!


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