Tipping Le pourboire

I am frugal. I keep close track of my spending. I am on a fixed income. OK, I am cheap. Tipping is my thank you for good service. I generally go by the 15-17% rule. I have been known to leave only a penny for awful service and food.

Tonight I outdid myself. I don’t know how I miscalculated so. I left the largest tip in my life to a pleasant (but not exceptionally so) waitress for a fine meal (but not the best of my life). But it was not done intentionally. (NO kidding some of you will say!)

Je prends soin de mes sous et j’essaye de respecter mon budget. La question du pourboire aux  restaurants est toujours difficile. On m’a déjà dit que le calcul n’ inclue pas le vin. Certains suggèrent 15%, d’autres, 20%. Par inattention, ce soir j’ai rendu 40%. À la porte, j’ai refaite mes calculs…. Quelle erreur!

Not even my over-indulgent American friend has ever tipped at 40%! What does one do when they realize such an error? The waitress was good and friendly but she went home with an extra $10 from me.  There is no way I could go back and point out my mistake…..

Avec un  temps pluvieux comme on a de ces temps-ci, rendre un autre heureux vaut la générosité non planifiée!

I still wonder if it was that great tasting gin and tonic that loosened my purse strings tonight. Oh well, while it is raining cats and dogs, one may as well let some extra John A Macdonalds rain on waitresses!


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