Until We Meet À la prochaine

Sharing Easter with Friends

Reposting after 4 years, this blog speaks as freshly as in 2013. Please indulge me.

How routine a parting can be! A mere glance in each other’s eyes, perhaps a soft hug or a ‘well, bye for now’ on the phone can punctuate the end of a relationship.

Then the unexpected, chest crushing call with the terrible news. The suggestion to sit to listen is fortunately heeded. And afterward so little was heard, so little remembered of the call. In short measure, the sensations and the growing emotions compound. The denial, the refusal to believe, the automatic reaching to the phone to call him burst open the floodgates of tears, the tremors  and intense distress.

Mercredi un de mes amis les plus chers a subi un ACV massif au tronc cérébral. Il n’a pas été conscient, n’a pas connu son monde avant son décès vendredi soir. Je suis à l’Île Prince Édouard et lui à Montréal. Né à Montréal, sa famille est partie à Détroit quand il était jeune. Il a choisit de revenir à Montréal et y faire sa vie adulte. Si jamais il avait eu à choisir, Montréal aurait été son choix pour passer sa dernière heure.

À son décès, je suis convaincu qu’il est venu à mon aide, comme il a toujours été là pour moi. J’ai  réussit à arriver à une entente avec un cousin pour un morceau de terrain. Mon ancien conseilleur financier y était pour me supporter dans le choix des mots, j’en suis sûre.

A person who follows the prescribed routine post-cardiac surgery (and quadruple by-pass to boot) with as much gusto and fidelity is hard to find. His exemplary diet and fitness regimes were noted by all. And that is what makes it such a shock than he should suddenly be stricken with an irreparable massive stroke.

Always ready to celebrate his Irish roots, cheer at a Canadiens’ game and dance a rock n’ roll; he became a pivotal part of a dedicated group of friends. The hours and days he and I have spent together working on various projects from gardening, home improvement, hosting large groups of friends, driving down to PEI chatting about the mundane to the esoteric have been such blessings. We nourished each other intellectually and helped each other grow in our Faith and love for God and neighbour. Ironically it did not lead to the altar by mutual consent. But our friendship has continued to flourish. As we now face this ultimate separation (of indeterminate time) I believe he will go to his just reward and be welcomed by Our Loving God.

À la prochaine! Que tu puisses continuer à m’inspirer dans ce jardin qui est la vie, un jardin qui sera dorénavant dépourvu de ton engrain d’idées et de bonne  volonté et d’aide. Merci pour tout ce que tu m’as apporté depuis 1996.

My dear friend, thank you. I know you will continue to be near, but in another way.

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