Fêtons Celebration Time

Happy Canada Day! Ici on a fêté avec des jeunes de 12 nationalités! Multiculturalism at Noëlla’s Nest…

What a treat it has been hosting a boot camp for APEX martial arts. Le club APEX est venu à Launching IPE pour une semaine d’entraînement, formation en groupe et la découverte de la vie rurale près de la mer. What joy to see young people experience the peace and tranquility of Launching PEI while training intensely and partying (as an extra!) Some made it in to swim at the harbour beach and the singing sands. Most ran several kilometers a morning. De plus on avait nos 2 Danois, Honey et César. Imposants mais doux, protecteurs mais fous. Our four footed friends kept us on our toes, in between hugs.

Thanks to Vincent for re-purposing the birch taken down by the beavers. Les castors ont mangé le bouleau qui sert maintenant de mat.  Quel symbole du Canada! Using beavers work to fashion a flag pole makes it uniquely Canadian this July1st.



It was a privilege to host a meal with people speaking English, French, Arabic and Italian, gathering young men and women, carnivores and vegetarians, Muslims and Christians and those in between. Truly this is what my Canada is today. La diversité et l’amité réunies à mon coin isolé, mon paradis… dans ce magnifique pays, Canada!


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