Beds of flowers Le début des fleurs


The ritual of spring planting begins early. It entails the perusal of catalogues and magazines, the dreaming of combinations and the planning of structural elements. Cette année les rêves du jardinage incluaient tous les éléments pour les  plats de bande du nouveau chalet à l’île du Prince Édouard. L’éloignement et l’absence d’un plan des contours et des arbres déjà en place ont ajouté aux variables. Not having an accurate model of the site in no way hampered the wishing, creative imagining.

Arriving at the site, reality chimed in. Planting season is a lot later in PEI. In fact there were frost warnings as late as the week of June 10– very sobering for an eager beaver who was itching to get going. But, digging can begin early. And keeping an eye out for garden structure elements is a year round hobby.

J’étais chanceuse de trouver la tête et pied d’un lit ¾ en métal au bord de la route, en état terrible. However, as rusted and holey as it was, the headboard and foot of the bed responded delightfully to ‘re-animation’ infused by white spray paint. Repurposing to provide garden structure combined to give this photo. This moon garden will have the moon setting behind it.




Why put elements of a bed in a flower bed? Well, to highlight it is a bed, to provide a surface for morning glories and moonflowers to creep up, to cause a natural screening and to be beautiful.

Les fleurs vont pouvoir grimper pour s’étirer vers le ciel. Les morceaux de lit vont ajouter aux rêves. Cette année verra les bleus des gloires du matin et les blancs des fleurs de lune s’attacher au métal et offrir un peu d’intimité.

Derrière mes fleurs est le champ d’avoine qui va ajouter à l’intérêt avec les pousses vertes qui se transformeront en grain d’orée à l’automne. I am so excited by this new spot. Now, only to wait for the tubers and bulbs to sprout to bear the flowers of white and yellow and blue in this new bed by the sea.


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