So, where might I see visitation today?

And the day Associates also renew their commitments!
Happy Feast day Sr Sheila

My Weekly Reflections

On May 31st we will celebrate the feast of the Visitation.  This is an important feast for us, the Congregation de Notre-Dame, because it is our communal feast and the day on which we renew our vows.  To highlight this important day in our lives, I have invited Sister Mary Anne Foley to write this week’s blog.   Mary Anne is a member of my congregation who lives in Scranton, PA and is assistant professor of theology at the University of Scranton.   She has many interests among which are World Religions, Spirituality, Peacemaking, non-violence and, music.  Thank you, Mary Anne for agreeing to share your reflections with us.

Sister Sheila Sullivan, CND

Ok, there are two problems with my being your guest blogger. The first is that I don’t know how to blog—I never did it before, and even though I’ve read some, I’m still not sure of the best…

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