Gardener’s Delight La Joie du Jardin

Seeing bright blue skies triggers the gardener’s switch in me. There is little concern for the fact that frost had tickled the grass this morning and that my humid breath had been visible only a few hours earlier. The solar energy is channelled into my spade and fork as I begin to turn the earth for my new flower garden in Launching.

Plus fort que la raison est l’appel du jardin surtout quand le ciel est bleu. Le fait que les champs étaient touchés de gel au lever n’a aucune influence. Évidemment ce n’est pas la journée pour semer ni planter.

Why do we derive such contentment from the mere act of tilling the soil after winter months of dreaming? It is still too early to plant and put the plans into action. Yet the body toils without complaint in preparation for the garden.

Les heures passes au gymnase, l’entraînement physique ont porté fruits…trous pour le pommier, le poirier, lignes tracées pour les bordures de nouvelles plats de bande et le sol tourné. Drôle comment on peut continuer sans plainte, jusqu’au retour dans le chalet.

These were my reflections on that happy day that I first found myself outside in my PEI garden in early May, 2013. I am just finishing this text for you this evening. All that fresh, clean Maritime air is taking its toll. Sleep comes early after the physical work when the stillness settles in around me. The sounds of cricket-like insects lull me with the waves rhythmically caressing the shore under the full moon. I hope you all sleep well tonight. If you are in a noisy metropolitan area, try to imagine my little paradise. Sweet dreams!

Mes mots étaient écrits au début du mois et seulement finalisés ce soir. Je me trouve prêt à dormir tôt ces jours-ci. Plusieurs facteurs y contribuent : le travail physique, l’air pur et salé, la tranquillité, le son des vagues arrivant sans cesse au bord de la mer. Je sais que la lune est pleine ce soir, mais avec les nuages elle se cache. Son effet était visible toute la journée avec des marrés exagérés. Ce soir, si vous êtes dans un environnement urbaine, essayez d’imaginer mon coin de paradis…Bonne nuit.

g full moon 023


5 thoughts on “Gardener’s Delight La Joie du Jardin

  1. J W

    Hi, this is a great shot!  (and I don’t know why my typing is so large. Anyway, now is the time to fold up the paperwork and go to bed!

    not much more tomorrow but sorting sections of the documents, and punching holes in the papers for the 3 ring binders.

    more later — Jack


  2. J W

    Hi,  That is a great shot of the moon — I wonder what time of day you took it?

    – J


  3. ofmgray

    I am so glad that you are enjoying retirement. It sounds like you have found a llittle piece of heaven. I ,too, am outside when I can to pull weeds and revive strangled Irises. Weeding is never ending put there is such satisfaction in it, although my 4th PIP objects to it. That goodness for K-tape.

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