Sporting Self-talk/Contrôler la rondelle de la vie

Time ticks by as the hockey game draws to a close. The excited crowd starts cheering confident of a win. Crowd noises echo the emotional. But it is not only at sport events, and not only in large groups.

Emotions can drive our vocal outputs on a personal level. More importantly it is our self-talk that can be modulated by emotions. Many also consider it to be a loop with self-talk influencing our emotions. We are what we do, what we think we are, what we say to ourselves we will become. What an amazing ability we possess—to direct our mood, our interactions with others and ultimately to mold not only today but our future.

La dernière minute du match, les gens sont debout  et crient de joie pour encourager leur équipe, confient qu’ils ont gagné. Ces sons sont assourdissants, on ne peut s’entendre penser. Les émotions sonnent et dominent.

Les émotions peuvent prendre le dessus sur le plan personnel, privé. Ce qu’on se dise peut être modulé par nos émotions. Ces paroles qu’on se raconte peuvent influencer nos émotions. Il y a une boucle ou l’impact de ce qu’on fait, ce qu’on pense et ce qu’on se dise interagissent avec les éléments extérieurs. Quel incroyable don! On peut donner la direction à nos humeurs et nos interactions avec l’autrui en apprenant la discipline de modulation. Bonne idée pendant les séries menant à la coupe Stanley!

Perhaps to the wise saying: ‘it is not whether we win or lose, but how we played the game’, we could add: ‘and how we deal with others, not out of emotion, but self-control and respect’. But in the end, we all watch these gladiator events to cheer and yell and enjoy the rivalries. ON WITH THE GAMES!!



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