Elle m’attend—She awaits


This blog was written three years ago, but much still applies…except that the moon will be in its first quarter when I arrive!

La nouvelle lune sera le 10 mai. Beaucoup d’étoiles seront visibles à l’île. Et le 25 mai, ça sera la pleine lune. Ma petite fille m’attend là. Anne-Marie me l’a choisie. Elle faisait partie de toutes les gâteries de ma retraite. Ça fait déjà 2 ans…est-ce vrai?

My little girl basks in moonlight, shining brightly at night. She was chosen for me by Anne-Marie, a former co-worker for my retirement. Moon phases have a significant impact on me; never more than when I am beside the sea with its dramatic impact on the tides. The moon pulls on me as well. I am energized by its strong fullness.

It is so hard to believe that extravaganza was 2 years ago. After years of yearning, fearing, planning, and fantasizing R-day brought a major change, but not an immediate one. Insidiously, I have reset my compass, centering it on my parents, son, friends and myself. There is less stress from the outside, less responsibility for strangers.

La retraite m’a permis à évoluer sur ces 2 ans. Au lieu de la préoccupation et soucis de mes clients et leurs familles, je mets au centre de mes journées la famille, les amis et moi! Si stress il y a, j’en suis responsable. Même à ça, le temps est venu pour la fugue à l’île du Prince Édouard. C’est l’endroit de quiétude ou je peux faire le plein, reposer mes yeux des lumières, reposer mes oreilles des autos, ouvrir mes narines à la fraîcheur de l’air et l’humidité de la mer.

So, off I will disappear yet again to that spot that is my ideal get-away. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is mine. The seclusion and quiet, the darkness and closeness to the heartbeat of nature suit me just fine. Such a welcome contrast it will be from the speed and pollution, the road construction and noise of the city. It will be so good to walk barefoot on deserted sandy beaches again. They are waiting for me – my little girl and my hideaway.


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