Préparations Aquarelles/ Art Show Preparations

I was eager to go to the watercolour class Tuesday. I wanted to finish a seascape with the instructor’s coaching. There was little left. So far the sky, sea and banks were  great. What remained was the foreground: a dory and sea grass. It did not go well.

Hier était la dernière session avant le vernissage. La pluspart de mes peintures sont de l’hiver. Je m’appraîtait à finaliser une de la mer avec un bateau. Hélas, quand c’était le temps de faire le gazon en avant, j’ai raté le tout. La technique de l’aquarelle ne permet pas beaucoup de correction. La boue remplace la transparence.

Overworking watercolours merely leads to a muddy result and there was little I could do but admit a fresh piece of paper was called for! For the Art Show on April 21, each artist is permitted to show 6 original watercolours. I have a preponderance of winter scenes and would have liked one seascape but another with open water and snow will have to do.

Nous pouvons soumettre 6 ouevres originales d’aquarelle. Les miens sont décidément hivernales mais acceptables. Je suis allée ce midi pour choisir les cadres. Tout sera prêt samedi. Et ensuite, la longue attente, pour l’accueil des visiteurs, pour entendre leurs commentaires, et possiblement vendre un tableau! Comme c’est éxcitant!

Naming each is an exercise in poetry and helps reveal my inner feeling with respect to each painting. They will be ready Saturday. Then there will be 15 days to await the arrival of guests, to hear the comments and hopefully to sell some. Certainly this is a time of vulnerability and humility. After all this is only my second show. April 21 will be the moment of truth — the exciting day to display the progress made this year.


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