Timing- Le bon moment: December 2013, Arrival of FELIX

I admit it, I am a cat person. I have lived with five. This year I have made huge strides getting to appreciate my grand-dog and other canines. But I warm up to felines more naturally.

Two years ago I lost my cat, Boots. She was an abandoned stray who had adopted me. The right time to replace her never seemed to present itself. I had my independence to enjoy and friends with allergies to host. With retirement and the new freedom and options, I had a new list of excuses.

While I took my time, I even considered dog ownership. After all, imagine the opportunity for exercise that a dog might afford! That was until the cold snap of -30 that lasted several days handed me a reality check. Fitness is important but not under arctic conditions.

Je préfère les chats. Et en le disant je me limite peut-être dans les gens qui seront intéressés à me connaître.  Mais j’ai essayé de travailler ce défaut. J’ai même réussi à apprivoiser certains chiens cet hiver! Néanmoins, après la perte de mon dernier chat, je me suis donnée 2 ans pour profiter de la liberté avant de me décider. Un élément positif d’un chien sera l’exercice quotidien mais la fin de l’indépendance et des marches sous des conditions de grand froid.

All was arranged to take the step into the SPCA today, having studied some of their ‘bench warmers’. But alas, my timing proved poor, yet again. Family responsibilities required my attention.

And what does one do when frustrated? Eat or shop or cry. I decided shopping was most efficient. I now have a carrier, cat equipment, food and toys. My condo is set up as a cat/ kitten nursery. The delivery day was mis-timed. I will have to wait a bit longer to welcome my purring bundle of fur and begin to bond.

Mon projet de la journée d’aller chercher un chat n’a pas pu se réaliser. Un contretemps m’a oubligé de remettre encore une fois. Quoi faire avec la frustration? Manger, magasiner, pleurer, boire? Le choix s’est fait—mon condo est maintenant une pouponière fourni pour mon nouveau chaton/chat.

Je croyais commencer à connaître ma petite balle de fourure ce soir, mais le moment propice sera un autre jour. Je vous tiendrai au courant.

Dear friends, I am afraid that for some of you visits will once again require anti-histamines!

 Boots cuddled in/ Boots au reposImage


5 thoughts on “Timing- Le bon moment: December 2013, Arrival of FELIX

  1. launchings5

    Reblogged this on launchings5 and commented:

    As a follow up, December 2013 was the right time. FELIX! A happy indoor male, is now 18 lbs and looking forward to chatting with the Blue Jays in PEI this summer! Il EST très musicale!

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