Discovering a voice

Today I embark on a new venture of discovery: blogging. In preparing for retirement, one objective was to have my voice heard. Leaving a position of professional practice with frequent opportunities to present papers and results of practice, the specter of the silence of retirement was daunting. But almost 2 years later I have expressed myself in several new ways.

I wrote an article ‘Surviving the First Year of Retirement:Musings of a Recent Retireewhich awaits publication. (Perhaps I will share it with you at another time). My ideas are heard in a few new committees  I joined. I have started conversational Spanish classes.

All these are familiar ways of having my voice heard. But yesterday was a more novel experience. I did the sound track for a DVD for Associates of the CND. The narrator traced the 350 year history to the present. I never realized how frustrating it could be to record almost a full page of text and then make an error in the second to last line. Like our old manual typewriters, the only solution is to begin again or to try to splice in the correct phrase. It helped me discover a new respect for the actors who made ‘Les Miserables‘ performing and singing live.

I hope to chat with you all, soon. Let’s keep our eyes open for what each day holds new!



2 thoughts on “Discovering a voice

    • launchings5

      Not sure what your comment is… I appreciate your reading my blog.
      I have no difficulty expressing myself in meetings nor having my voice heard. In fact, most seek out my opinion.
      Have a good night

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