L’été en pleine voile/Summer Diversions

Avec le temps chaud et des vents favorables, les voiliers se déplacent rapidement. Ce bateau était complètement à ma droite au départ et à la fin était disparu de la vue à gauche!

What to do at the beach? Climb rocks, hunt for shells and sea glass, swim, stare out at the water, build sand castles, throw footballs…. all great activities for days like yesterday. After swimming, my preference is Watercolour painting. This was painted yesterday afternoon, overlooking the Northumberland Strait and Nova Scotia… Plein Air painting is summer’s treat! Thanks Yvonne for hosting the UPEI Seniors’ College group this week!

Quel beau travail de retraite, l’aquarelle au bord de la mer!

Rice Point , PEI
11×15 Arches 140 cp


The sun rose quietly today-
No more lobster boats in the bay
The roar of their diesel motors stilled till next April
Now is the season to waken to birdsong
To watch crops stretch and grain ripen
To float on warming seas- (soon jellies will be gone)
To contemplate The Essential and the mundane
To live as if none will pass this way again.

Light/ Lux/Lumière

The longest day of the year heralds the beginning of the season of vacation and slowing down. It is also a time for going to new spots that may hold hidden dangers. The light house was the guide to welcome boats home, and was an especially welcome sign in bad seas.

Cette aquarelle combine un phare ( un imagé que j’adore), la mer, et un coucher de soleil. L’image va peut-être servir comme modèle pour une classe de débutantes en aquarelle, que je vais donner en juillet au marché de Cardigan.

Several people are asking for another  ‘ Water and W(h)ine’ class with me at Cardigan’s Farmers’ Market. They want to do another light house,  so time for me to prepare. I will chose a new lighthouse and integrate a few more notions.. What do you think of this as a model?

More information and sketches to follow. Les dates seront à définir pour le cours. In the meantime, enjoy the long days of summer, but keep safe!

June Full Moon-Pleine lune de juin


Indirect reflections illuminate
The dance of the gleaming bay.
The veil of leaves obscures but
Mysteriously a magnet draws us away.
Stress, anxiety drip silently
Grounded on a distant moon.

La lune des fraises de juin
Colore les cieux ce soir.
L’été nous attend avec
Sa récolte savoureuse.
Mais pour l’instant
Bouffons ce spectacle!

Visiting Naufrage Harbour

Focusing on one boat, I did this watercolour on-site. Streamlining the background permits me to speak of the place, while keeping the emphasis on the lobster boat. In the distance are homes and a restaurant, not yet open for the season and sheds for storing once the season is over. Of course, my favorite, the lighthouse catches the eye.

Un aspect de l’île du Prince Édouard est l’emploi saisonnier. La saison de pêche à l’homard ne dure que 2 mois. L’industrie de tourisme (en majorité)  s’étend de la mi juin à la fête du travail ou l’action de graces. La cultivation des champs, des pommes de terre et autres légumes débute au printemps ( mi- mai) et termine avec le gèle d’octobre. Ce quai se vide et le silence descend sur le coin pour l’hiver.

Visiting Naufrage during fishing season sees much activity, industry and commerce. It depends on access to the sea. Please read my last blog on the subject of the sand and the battle with nature in Naufrage . The down season paints a different picture. Many industries of PEI are seasonal in nature, requiring of its people a unique relisience and adaptability.

Photo at launchings5.wordpress.com


Race against Nature/Toucher le fond de la question.

A lobster boat heads down the run into the harbour, Naufrage Harbour. It is a new spot for me, but is vaguely familiar. The shape of the boat, the routine of selling the catch to the buyer and then tying up. What I am here for is to capture something in watercolour.

Au départ, ce quai semble similaire aux quais de mon coin.  Je n’ai pas envie de faire une autre aquarelle d’un bateau. Je lève ma tête et j’aperçois un gros camion. Attention! Ce n’est pas ordinaire! Et au bout de la rentrée, j’observe une énorme pelle. Certes, ce n’est pas normal.

After noticing the mechanical shovel and large truck, I go back to my painting. My next blog will present it. But now, I will explain what was going on at the wharf that day.

Le problème de ce quai est un phénomène naturel mais dangereux. Chaque année le sable s’accumule à la bouche de l’entrée et tout le long du canal qui mène au port. Une raison est que le bassin n’est plus assez profond pour effectuer un bon vidage quotidien avec la marée haute. Aussi, il y a une quantité de sable qui est tombé dans la mer lors des tempêtes de plus en plus sévères.

Thus a combination of physics and climate change storms succeed in contributing to a growing accumulation of sand. What does that do? Lobster boats draw more water than you’d imagine. Already this year one was grounded in the run. Because of this danger, they are attempting to remove the excess sand. It is an oft repeated task. Imagine the weary fisher returning after a day at sea with the holds full of lobster. The objective is to sell the lobster and finish the days’ chores. Because tomorrow the alarm will sound at 4 am once more. This spring has been very cold with high winds, cold sea spraying surf and timid lobsters. Those crustaceans don’t move around when the water is cold. A lot of hard work under difficult conditions for meager catches doesn’t render the fishers joyful. At the end of the day, another hazard lies in the way.

Le travail est long et dure et dangereux. Mais on s’entendra que la fin du voyage ne soit pas dangereuse. Au contraire, avant de s’attacher au quai, on doit traverser un canal avec des îlots de sable, qui se déplace aux jours.

The day after my visit,(June 1),  the Eastern Graphic published a story on the hazards of the sand in the port of Naufrage Harbour. To watch from the dock, it was not obvious. It did not appear critical. How deceptive!

On peut être dans des endroits peu connus et passer un temps agréable sans se soucier  des dangers. Après coup, en regardant la tv on peut apprendre que notre souvenir du lieu ne correspond pas à toute la réalité.

Crossing the bridge this morning, was your only thought of the delay caused by the density of the traffic? Leaving that last rock concert was it not only the joyful euphoria that prevailed. And yet, for many, bridges will be remembered as being where cars kill and concerts, the traps where people are maimed and killed. We also believed that democratic votes ensured just elections. And those fishers would love to sail home from a day at sea with no worries of getting grounded.


A two day painters retreat with Poppy Balser at Annapolis Basin Conference Center (ABCC) in Cornwallis, near Digby NS was where I spoiled myself this Mother’s Day weekend. Artistic stimulation occurred in stunning surroundings near the bay of Fundy in a venue with terrific food and service. So many words could be used. Double comes to mind because it is a multiple. There were  multiple insights and one left with more that anticipated.

Le  besoin de s’améliorer est satisfait par l’accès à des modèles ou des cours. Les deux étaient présents lundi et mardi. Le prof, Poppy Balser, une aquarelliste exceptionnelle s’est retrouvée avec 12 élèves enthousiastes. Je suis arrivée avec 2 objectifs…les deux étaient réalisés (peindre avec plus de contrasts et apprendre à mieux capter la mer). Mais l’impact sur mes aquarelles sera à suivre cet été. Les aspects non-planifiées du séjour étaient  la détente après le travail intense de chaque jour et le plaisir de rencontres d’ âme-sœurs.

In addition to attaining objectives while enjoying meeting new artists, the drive back held 2 surprises. We were treated to a sky filled with rapidly changing cloud formations tindged with colourful variety. We found the colours sseemed more vivid after two days concentrating on mixing colours! Three hours into the drive, a rainbow appeared that gradually grew to arc in a semi-circle with clearly demarked stripes. Two other aspects merit menitioning. The full rainbow was visible for at least 30 minutes. But astonishingly it was a full DOUBLE rainbow! Pictures taken in a moving car in the rain hardly do justice …  the picture invites you to imagine the entire image we saw. Double it and then again. After all, doubling was the theme of this blog and of my Mother’s Day treat.

Check out Poppy Balser’s website for more!


En fin de semaine, le groupe d’art St Patrick aura son 30éme  vernissage annuel. C’est tentant de vous montrer une de mes aquarelles, mais celle-ci servira de précurseur.

In the interest of having some surprises at Sunday, April 23’s show, I will refrain from showing any of my 6 framed watercolours just yet. This will serve as a harbinger of a terrific afternoon of original art! ‘Robin’ is framed and ready to fly away to your wall, or travel to Cardigan’ Farmers Market.

Les merles m’annoncent le vrai printemps. En ville , on en voit un ou deux à la fois. Mais sur les routes ruraux , on doit ralentir pour les éviter. En tournant un coin on peut retrouver 20 à 40 parterre sur le chemin. Ils semblent insouciants de la présence d’autos.

It is interesting what causes us to modify our behaviour. The fragility of birds certainly elicits protective feelings in many. Notably, the protection of nesting birds who are endangered is an annual process along our PEI shores. Unfortunately not all feel the same. And then not all people acknowledge the effects of climate change. Some things sing more loudly as precursors than others.


Watercolour, Arches 140 lb, cp, 5″x7″, framed 8″x10″



Launchings5/wordpress Profile Revisited

Welcome and do drop by often! Bienvenue et veuillez visiter souvent svp!

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I AM: Retired but rarely retiring, active but no longer into high-risk activities (except driving), active in my 2 communities of Montreal and PEI, keen on maintaining proficiency in 2 languages and attempting to produce watercolours that reflect nature and my deepest emotions.
Moi: retraitée mais pas disparue, active dans plusieurs activités et engagée dans mes communautés, ville et campagne. Mes blogues et mes aquarelles reflètent mes pensées et mes émotions à partir de la nature dans toutes ses saisons. Parfois mes idées et questionnements seront exprimés.

Vous: être humain de n’importe quel âge, qui s’intéresse à notre planète et qui aimerait communiquer sur mes propos et offrir des suggestions pour le développement de mon art.
You: a person who enjoys art and discussion/debate and willing to provide me with feedback and some suggestions for future watercolours.

Sentier de Roma/ Roma Trail ,PEI

Aquarelle sur Arches, 7 1/2 X 9 1/2